We've ripped up the old rules and designed a new layout and structure that combined with a cloud-based app, allows us to create truly heavenly LTMPs. Now you can have an LTMP that is unique to your property, easy to understand and best of all, is a breeze to update.

Next Generation LTMPs

Next Generation LTMPs from Plan Heaven bring you better readibilty, an improved layout and better control of your maintenance costs. You also get more choice of plan options and easier more cost-effective updating. We've reinvented long-term maintenance planning and taken it to the cloud. Find our more about our sevices below.

First-time Plan Setup

Have Plan Heaven set you up with an LTMP. We have two options, Comprehensive or Compact. You choose.

Reviews and Updates

Have Plan Heaven work with you to complete a 3-yearly update or a conversion to 30 years.

Choose Your Subscription

We have two subscription options. These allow you to have full access to your account in the cloud.

Our Ongoing Support

We're here to support you all the way. From setup to updating and any other enquiry you might have.

Features and Benefits

  • Your plan will be will unique to your development.
  • It will cover every element in your development
  • Your owners will understand the plan. It will make sense.
  • It will be easy and cost-effective to update.
  • You are given access to your plan and data in the cloud.
  • And we give you our guarantee.
  • And more