What is Plan Heaven?

What is Plan Heaven?

What is Plan Heaven?

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Plan Heaven is a template or tool for creating and managing your long-term maintenance plan. Once your jobs and fund have been set up, it will output a long-term maintenance plan, cash flow forecast and a job’s list that all owners will easily understand.

You will also have a long term maintenance plan that is compliant.

Plan Heaven is simple and intuitive to use and updating your plan will require little time and effort so it can be done annually if you prefer.

Anyone can use it. You can appoint an owner or member of your committee, your body corporate manager, your building manager or a consultant to be an Administrator of your plan. Or all of them at the same time.

You can even appoint us here at Plan Heaven.

Plan Heaven makes it easy for you to organise, plan and fund the work you already know about, so if you’re even a little web and maintenance savvy, you can use Plan Heaven on a DIY basis saving heaps on consultant’s fees.

Alternatively you can get us to do everything for you including recommendations, set up and ongoing administration of of the plan.

Or something in between.

But whatever you choose, we’re here to help.

The Plan Heaven team.

If you have any feedback or questions please use the feedback form.

The Plan Heaven team.

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