Benefits for managers

Benefits for managers

Cheaper, faster, easier, more responsive long-term maintenance plans

No more worrying about how, when, who and how much to create and update your client’s plans. Plan Heaven is a quick and easy solution that allows you to update their plan each year with no fuss.

Yes, that's you. Of course you can still get someone else to do it and let them grant you access to Plan Heaven. But before you say nah, read on a bit.

It will actually save you time

At the moment there are really only three methods commonly used by bodies corporate to prepare and manage their plans. Typically they either use their building manager (if they have one), an outside plan building contractor, or one of the owners has volunteered and put together a spreadsheet. But because each of those people need information and support from you, inevitably all of these methods will involve your time.

But once a body corporate account is set up in Plan Heaven, you are in control. You simply take a copy of last year’s plan along to a committee meeting, note down the changes they want, go back to the office and edit them and the updated plan is ready to present to the AGM. After the AGM, you go back and update the plan as being approved. That’s it. We expect it will take about half the time it takes you to prepare a budget and load it into your accounting software.

More billable hours

Plan Heaven has been conceived and designed by a body corporate manager with body corporate managers in mind. We’re confident that once you know your way around the system you will find the annual review and update of your client’s plans a breeze. We expect that managing your client’s plans will be something you’ll be happy to do, that the client will be happy that you do it and you will be able to charge for your time accordingly.

No more conflicting recommendations

One problem with using plan making contractors is that they inevitably make conservative recommendations and some of these will be different to the advice you get from the contractors who will actually carry out the maintenance. But until now, while you are happy to use your regular maintenance contractor’s recommendations and estimates, there has been no system available to organise and present them for budgeting and reporting.

Plan Heaven has fixed that problem. You can choose the "Annual Account" option for your client and manage the ones you already have.

Every plan will be the same

Using a common and consistent system and layout for managing and presenting your client's plans will make life a lot easier. You know it will be complete, you know it will be compliant and best of all, you know your way around it like the back of your hand.

All of your client's plans in one place

In Plan Heaven, any user can be linked to as many plans as you like and with each plan they can have either role of administrator or readonly.  

So you can have each manager looking after all of their own BC's plans - or one person in your office looking after them all - or both.  Or a part timer working from home.  Or a contractor.  Or whatever works for you.

But whatever you choose you will know where to go every time you want to review a plan and because it's in the cloud you can access it from anywhere, including using your mobile device at AGM's and committee meetings. 

We will train you

We will come to your office and train you. It shouldn’t take much more than an hour. There will be no charge for this.

Then we will only be a phone call away if you get stuck

Then there are the other setup and update options

If that's all a bit too hard, we have the other options whereby we setup and update your client's plans for you.  Then over time as you get used to the system, you can take them over at any time you like.  Maybe starting with the easy ones.  

Check out our pricing page to find out more.

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The Plan Heaven team.

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