Getting Started

Getting Started

Help with getting started in Plan Heaven

  1. You need to be a user first

    Before you can set up your body corporate and start building your LTMP you need to become a user. There is more information about joining on this help page.

  2. Your account page

    Once you have become a verified user and have logged in, you will be taken to your account page. There are several options available on this page. You can edit your account, you can manage your quotes, or you can go to a list of your BCs. Note: When you are logged in, you can return to the edit page at any time by hovering over the dropdown on the black nav bar at the top of the page under "logged in as "your name" and clicking "Account".

  3. Click on Go to My BCs

    When you click on "Go to My BCs" you will be taken to a page that lists your BCs. If you have no BCs yet you will have two options of "Create a new body corporate account" and "Request access to an exisiting body corporate account". If you want access to an exising account see more information about joining on this page. If you want to create a new BC account click on the other button.

  4. Managing your quotes

    On your account page there is also an option that will take you to an area where you can manage any quotes you have called for using the "Get a quote" option.  Here you can view, print or accept any quotes or delete those that have expired.  You can also call for new quotes.

  5. Editing your user details

    Also on your account page there is also an option to edit your user details such as your phone number or address and also your email address or password. Go to "Edit User" and follow the prompts. .

  6. A body corporate has to pay to use Plan Heaven

    Once you have clicked on the "Create a new BC" button, follow the prompts and choose whether you would like a trial account or an active account. Find more about trial accounts here. If you choose to go ahead with an active account, follow the prompts and your body corporate account will be created. Then you can start entering data. But be aware you have now made a commitement on behalf of the body corporate to pay the fee to Plan Heaven. This is our pricing page and this page about dates will explain when payment will become due.

  7. Entering data

    We've got a special help page for entering data and it will be worthwhile taking a look at that before you start.

  8. A body corporate can be closed but not deleted

    Once it has been created, a body corporate account cannot be deleted. But it can be closed. If you wish to close a body corporate account one of our administrators can do this for you. Find out more about closed accounts here

If you have any feedback or questions please use the feedback form.

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