Trial Accounts

Trial Accounts

Trial Accounts

  1. Choose the trial option

    If you would like to  a try out Plan Heaven before you commit, you can open a trial account. To do this you click "Create a new body corporate account" and choose the "trial" option.

  2. The trial period is for 30 days

    After 30 days you will receive an email asking if you want to convert your trial account to a paid account. If you choose "yes", the body corporate will be sent an invoice and the fee will be payable in seven days. The date that you first created the account will become the body corporate account start date and your next invoice will payable be on the anniversary of the start date in one year's time. Find out more about dates here.

    If you choose "no", the body corporate account you opened will be closed.  Note:  This is the body corporate account only and not your user account.  See more about your user account here.

  3. A closed trial account can be re-opened

    Closed trial accounts are not deleted and if you change your mind you can come back at any time and ask for it to be re-opened and any data that you created will still be there. Find out more about closed accounts here.

  4. You will have full administrator rights

    During the trial period you will have the same administrator rights as you would for a paid account. Feel free to add, edit and delete jobs, elements and users etc to get a good feel of how Plan Heaven works. We suggest you also try printing your draft LTMP because this will be the final document most of your owners will be looking at.

    If you spend a couple of hours setting up your body corporate and LTMP, you should find that most of the work will be done and after that completing the setup and routinely maintaining your LTMP will be fairly straight forward.

If you have any feedback or questions please use the feedback form.

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